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At Knox, we’re very proud to offer our patients a 100% completely natural product. The extraction process consists of removing the cannabinoids out of the plant and transferring it into an oil format. While most of the industry continues to use alcohol or butane for the extraction process, Knox utilizes CO2 extraction equipment that was specifically designed for our company by former NASA engineers. The CO2 process is a natural solvent that is non-toxic and non-flammable while alcohol and butane reintroduces toxins into the patient’s body. In addition to CO2 extraction, our products undergo a winterization process that further purifies the cannabis oils. We’ve invested countless hours researching and developing the best method to produce a consistent, all-natural product, for our patients. Knox is firmly committed to producing the purest product for our patients.

Testing Process
Oil Process

Knox continues to raise the bar in medical marijuana testing. We’ve invested in many machines not normally utilized in the medical marijuana industry so we can be completely accurate and confident in the medicine we offer our patients. Testing is not only for potency but also residual solvent testing, heavy metal testing, pesticides, microbiological, testing for mercury and arsenic; essentially every element in the periodic table. At Knox, we’re not only leading the industry, we’re establishing a new form of excellence, unparalleled by the competition.