Jose J. Hidalgo

August 8th, 2017

Jose Javier Hidalgo is the Chief Executive Officer of Knox Medical. A business and finance expert in the medical cannabis industry with an extensive background in real estate development and investment, Mr. Hidalgo is utilizing his unique blend of management knowledge, national branding knowhow, and full vertical operations experiences to achieve newfound success in this growing and complex field. Mr. Hidalgo first applied these skills to the medical cannabis industry in 2014 by investing in a Colorado based operation. He later was instrumental in establishing a financing deal for one of the few licensed cultivators in Canada. These successful businesses resulted in an increased involvement with medical cannabis ventures in various U.S. markets. Mr. Hidalgo is now an industry expert, highly sought after for his depth of understanding in the multifaceted aspects of this evolving industry. Mr. Hidalgo has built an accomplished team comprised of legal, government affairs, investor relations, public affairs, real estate, and horticultural experts. He has established key relationships with existing cannabis market leaders in cultivation, processing and dispensing, along with analysts already successful in other jurisdictions. With the establishment of Cansortium Holdings LLC and the implementation of a national branding strategy, Mr. Hidalgo successfully led the licensing and financing effort for Knox Nursery of Winter Garden, Florida which was awarded one of the initial five, limited, and merit-based medical cannabis licenses in that state. His team delivered the strongest overall score during the process and he has guided the development through the strict and ongoing multifaceted approval steps required by Florida authorities. The overall vision of Cansortium Holdings LLC and Mr. Hidalgo is to establish a true national approach to the legal cannabis marketplace in multiple jurisdictions, this will enable the operations he leads to be nimble and profitable in this fast changing marketplace.